Calendar Dashboard for Vendor Bill

Calendar Dashboard for Vendor Bill

A calendar chart is a visualization used to show activity over the course of a long span of time, such as months or years. They're best used when you want to illustrate how some quantity varies depending on the day of the week, or how it trends over time.

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Calendar Chart view in Vendor Bills

  • Here, Calendar char view is created for vendor bills for the year 2020.
  • User can change year from the selection box or using Next and Previous buttons.
  • Themes (Light/Dark/Vivid)

  • User can select theme of their choice.
    1. Light Theme
    2. Dark Theme
    3. Vivid Theme

    Mode (Total/Count)

  • User can select mode.
    1. Total: Total mode shows total amount of vendor bills for particular day.
    2. Count Mode: Count mode shows the number of vendor bills created for particular day.

    Show Date

    Show Tooltip

    Show Scale


  • User can filter records using filters.
  • Download/Print Calendar Chart

  • User will get options of Reload, View as PNG and Print Chart on Right-clicking anywhere in the chart.
  • View as PNG option will show this chart in PNG format and user can save PNG.
  • By clicking on Close button, it will close PNG mode and will work as chart again.
  • Using Print Chart option user can Print the chart or can Save chart in PDF format.
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