Create Invoice From Picking

Invoice From Delivery

This Application helps to enable auto create invoice from delivery based on configuration.

Basic Features
  • Auto Create Customer Invoice from Delivery Order/Picking.
  • Based On Configuraton Customer Invoice can Create in draft state.
  • Based On Configuraton Customer Invoice Create in Open state.
Below image is delivery, Invoice is create only if delivery is on done state.
. Below image is a sale order without Customer Invoice.
. Below image is a Delivery on available state and then create Customer Invoice when validate it.
. Below image is Customer Invoice of Delivery when Invoice is create it will direct redirect to Invoice screen. Invoice is created on Open state based on configuration
. Below image is sale order with Customer Invoice, Invoice is attach with that sale order.

Complimentary Support

You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

Contact us at for any query.

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