Customer Credit limit in Sale Order

Customer credit limit

This module help to set customer credit limit.



  • In Sales Configuration if User can set credit limit globally.
  • Global credit limit customer

  • Customer with global credit limit and credit value.

  • Sale order view having customer Global credit limit 1000 and order total is 1400 , so that when user confirm that order at that time warning will raise.

  • Customer is running out of credit, if user still want to go with confirm order then order will confirm or cancel the operation.

  • Customer wise configuration

  • In customer wise configuration we can set per customer credit limit.

  • In customer wise we have set 2500 credit limit of camptocamp customer so that we can confirm the order 1400 value.

  • After the confirmation credit is 1400 due to bill is not paid yet.

  • In SO036 customer credit 1400 and order value is 1400. So that after this order credit will became 2800. credit limit 2500. So warning will raise.

  • But here we was going with anyway confirm order, so that order was confirmed. But we have not generate invoice yet so credit is 1400 otherwise it was 2800.

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