Export Customer Pricelist

Export Customer Pricelist

This Application helps to Export and email the customer's pricelist in xlsx, xls and csv files and also in print pricelist in PDF file.

Basic Features
  • Export customer's pricelist for selected partners.
  • Export pricelist for multiple customers in sigle file.
  • Multiple file choise like csv, xls, xlsx,pdf.
Menu for customers.
  • Goto cusotmers.
Export pricelist Wizard.
  • Select partners and click on "Export Customer Pricelist".
Exaple files.
  • Column Name : Data contains
  • - Odoo Id : Product's ID in odoo.
  • - Name : Product's Name.
  • - Product code : Product's Internal Reference.
  • - Barcode : Product's barcode.
  • - Public Price :List price of product in customer's currency.
  • - Discount : As per pricelist on the product for particular customer's discount.
  • - Price for the customer : Discounted Price of the customer.
Export pricelist as PDF.
  • Select the customers >> click on Print >> Click "Export pricelist as Customer".
Pdf print example.

Complimentary Support

You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

Contact us at info@craftsync.com for any query.

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