Hide any Print report or Action

Hide any Print report or Action

This module adds functionality to hide any Print report or any Actions for any model.




  • User Access: Give access of Hide Actions to user
  • After assigning access to the user, user can see Hide Action menu
  • Create Hide Actions record to hide any action for any model
  • Here, we've created Hide Actions record for Marc Demo user to hide some actions in Invoice.
  • User can easily Active/Inactive this record from smart button.
  • Before


    Using Context

  • Add context in configuration if you want to hide actions whenever this context is available
  • For example, current configuration will hide actions for Customer Invoice and Vendor Bill.
  • If user wants to hide this actions only for Customer Invoices then user needs to add context.
  • Here, We've added context to hide actions only in Customer Invoices.
  • After adding context in configuration, actions are hidden only in customer invoices.
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    info@craftsync.com for any query.

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