PO Automation With Lot/Serial Number Import

PO Automation With Lot/Serial Number Import

This Application helps to automate process of Purchase Order

Basic Features
  • This application provides facility to create Vendor Bill, Validate Bill and transfer delivery while confirm Purchase quotation and set lot number and unique serial number from xlsx and csv file.
  • "Create Supplier Bill", "Validate Supplier Bill" and "Is Purchase Delivery Set to Done" is based on configuration.
After installation of this application below configuration will appear in Purchase Configuration form.
Above is of purchase order with product having configuration of lot and unique serial number.
Above is product with unique serial Number configuration.
Above is product with Lot Number configuration.
Above is come when user press confirm order button user can download sample file of xlsx and csv both format based on file type selection.
Above is user can upload and download sample file of csv file format.
Above image is user upload file with contain lot and serial number.
The order is on purchase order state with import of lot and serial number.
Incoming Shipment(Delivery Order) with serial number and lot in above image.

Complimentary Support

You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

Contact us at
info@craftsync.com for any query.

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