Website Wallet Management

Website Wallet Management

With Website Wallet Management application of Craftsync Technologies you can manage E-Wallet for customers.

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Invoice Configuration

  • Set Automatic Invoice in Website settings: Website > Configuration > Settings
  • Add Money in Wallet

  • Portal User Can see Wallet menu.
  • By clicking on Wallet menu portal user can see Available funds in wallet.
  • By clicking on Add Money user can enter amount.
  • After entering amount click on Proceed to Add Money button.

  • Here, user can select any payment acquirer to add funds in their wallet.
  • We are using Stripe payment method to add money in Wallet.

  • Here, user can enter credit card details to add money in Wallet.

  • After adding funds in wallet, user will get Success message with transaction reference.
  • By clicking on Back to My Wallet button, user can see their wallet amount.
  • Use Wallet amount for Online shopping.

  • Here user have $ 339.5 in his wallet and can use it in online shopping.
  • Order is confirmed.

  • Here wallet amount is reduced to $ 242.5

  • Insufficient Wallet Amount

  • In this order, order amount is $ 750 and wallet amount is $ 242.5. So this wallet amount is insufficient to pay for this order
  • In this case, user can't select Wallet to pay for this order.
  • By cliking on link user will be redirected to Add money screen and remaining amount automatically will be added in input box.

  • User can add remaining amount or more/less in wallet.
  • Here we are adding more amount than remaining amount.
  • If User select Wire Transfer payment acquirer then amount will not be added directly in wallet.
  • Here transaction is Pending, so amount is not added in wallet yet.
  • Once any authorize user confirm this transaction from backend, then amount will be added to customer's wallet.
  • Any authorize user can confirm wallet transaction and add funds to customer's wallet.
  • After confirming wallet transaction from backend, now user can see amount in wallet and user can use this amount in shopping.
  • Use Wallet amount to Pay Invoices online

  • User can pay invoice using wallet amount.
  • Go to: My Account > Invoices and select any unpaid invoice.
  • User can select wallet acquirer to pay using wallet.
  • Invoice is Paid and wallet amount is reduced.
  • Click on Balance to check Wallet Transaction.
  • Wallet Transaction

  • Here user can see wallet transactions with transaction reference, date, credit amount and debit amount.
  • By default, user can see 10 transactions in one page. User can click on page number for more transactions.
  • Wallet Amount in Backend

  • Any backend user can see wallet amount for customer in customer form view.
  • Complimentary Support

    You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

    Help & Support

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