Cancel Sale Order And Manufacturing Order

Cancel Sales Order And Manufacturing Order

This Application helps to Cancel Sale, Manufacturing Order with Invoice & Delivery order And Work order.

Basic Features
  • This application provides facility to cancel Sale Order, even if Order was transfered.
  • Cancel Delivery Order And Invoice of related Sale Order.
  • This app help to cancel Manufacturing Order even if work orders were done and Inventory moves were transfered.
After installation of this application below configuration will appear in User form. All functionality will work after marking this checkmark.
Look Below Example:

Following image shows sale order before clicking on cancel button:

After cancelling sale order,You can see the order is in 'Cancelled' state and reset to draft button will be appear.

Invoice will be also cancelled, also payment entries will be unreconcile.

Picking Order will be cancelled and stock will be added to particular location.

Look Below Screenshots:

Manufacturing order with work order and inventory move and mo is on Done state.

Product with one(1.000 unit(s)) on hand quantity.

Inventory moves was on done state.

And work order is on Finished state.

Below Image is stock moves of related manufacturing order.

Following image shows manufacturing order after clicking on cancel button, After cancelling manufacturing order,You can see the order is in 'Cancelled' state.

Product with zero(0.000 unit(s)) on hand quantity.

Work Order is on cancelled state

Stock Moves is on cancelled state.

Complimentary Support

You will get 90 days free support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issue related to this module.

Contact us at for any query.

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